Next Step, Fix Your Thoughts…

So, the writer started with fix your eyes, the windows of your soul on Jesus, and now have moved to “fix your thoughts on Jesus”, Hebrews 3:1…
Fixing your eyes on something comes straight after seeing that something. The initial looking or seeing is just a reflexive reaction to the outside stimulus of vision, one of our most basic senses. But “fixing” your eyes on something takes a bit more effort, in fact takes a huge effort.
Now the thought process for 99% of us is incredibly random, almost shockingly so. What do we think about, Maslow certainly had his ideas in the construction of his hierarchy of needs, and I suppose he was pretty much right.
So, we are being instructed to lift our thoughts our of the random chaos of our normal lives and fix them on Jesus. Fixing any group of thoughts on anything requires a lot of work, it is at the core of meditation, a core component of discipleship…

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