Eyes part 2, looking vs seeing…

The ancients all called the eyes the “window to the soul”. A close friend is an eye surgeon and I have learned an amazing amount about what they can see about your overall health by shining that sharply pointed little light straight into your eyes…  So, it’s really a matter of fixing the “window of your soul” on Jesus. This more than implies a quite different “seeing” than the looking we do 90% of the time at the things that come across our field of vision. 

In the Vines Dictionary it says “FIX” comes for the word sterizo (στηριζω, 4741), “to set forth, make fast, fix,” is translated “fixed” in Luke 16:26, of the great gulf separating Hades or Sheol from the region called “Abraham’s bosom.”  Interesting thought that, linked to a semi-geographical concept that is far outside our normal context of temporal vs eternal…

Turns out all the parts of the discipleship process are all components of our learning how to “fix” our eyes on Jesus…

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