Disciple, Delight, and the D-words…

Really good praying/sharing session with my friend Richard this morning.  We meet up at the crack of dawn on Fridays to pray with, for, and about each other…  The thing that jumped out this morning was the first 3 verses of the 1st Psalm, where David talks about “delighting” in God…

Interesting thought when you consider it, as the Western Christian world wants (at least occasionally) to have you learn about God, but not learn God. the Western Christian Church is wrapped around the axle with activity.  So, if you ask them how they are doing, they will reel off a list of all the things they are doing, but you will never hear how they are doing.  And that is usually because they aren’t, they don’t even understand the question…  Reading this book by John Burke (the mud and the masterpiece) is really quite disturbing.  Somewhere between 80-90% of the professing Christans in the West are more “Pharasee” than the Pharasees of Jesus time 2,000 years back.  More on this later…

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