About Us/Contact Us: discipling101@gmail.com

Like everyone in the Western Christian world, we struggle to grasp the fullness and reality of the meaning of being a Christian.  Unfortunately most of Western Evangelical Christianity has deluded itself into thinking that it is ok to get loads of people to pray the “sinners prayer” guaranteeing their fire insurance policy from hell, whilst missing the boat on what Jesus gave as His last intructions before he ended His time on earth found in Matt 28:19-20…

We live in the South of England, we are non-denominational, and are using this site as a collection of the materials we have put together on the baseline of our experience on being disciples of Jesus.  We welcome comments, additions, and information that will contribute to the cause…

We break the discipling process down to three areas:

  1. You and God
  2. You and Your Daily Walk with God
  3. You and the body of Christ

***We owe a huge debt to Derek Leaf at the Navigators for his site, Being ReCreatedclick on it to get there…
***We also thank the guys at the NIV, all passages of scripture are from them.
***We also want to thank both NASA and Hubble Project for some of their incredible artwork

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